Asthma is more common these days than it used to be. The good news is it's also a lot easier to manage and control.
Asthma is a chronic, episodic disease of the airways, and it is best viewed as a syndrome.

Recent evidence suggests that asthma is an inflammatory disease, and not simply due to excessive smooth muscle contraction. Inflammation is the proximate cause of airway hyperactivity and variable airflow obstruction in asthma, and is a universal finding in all asthmatic individuals.

Not being able to breathe is a horrible feeling.

Even well-treated asthma has the potential to be out of control at any time--all it takes is a whiff of strong perfume or visiting a friend with a cat. Before there's reaction time, an asthma attack hits. Having a plan to deal with asthma attacks can lessen the stress level the disease brings

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