Ways to Win the Battle

Depression troubles people in every age. We call it sometimes melancholie. You are sad, sleeples, dismayed and you are agitating. You feel yourself helpless, lonely, isolated to the crushing exhaution that make even most simple of tasks so very hard. You view the life through a distoring lens.Everything seems to be hopeless. These problems create a living nightmare.
Depression is today s leading emotional problem.

Cultivating relationship is vital to one s weel - being. "You have to find people to confide in and you have to overcome the habit of keeping things to yoourself", said somebody.

Sometimes you need a hand to hold. "Two are betters then one. If you fall, one will lift up his companion. But woe to him who is alone when he falls" /Eccl.4,9-10/. Strong bonds are crucial to happiness.

Whether to seek professional help is, of course, a personal decision.

There is today much hope for those who suffer.Time by itself and new experiences that surface as time passes seems to cure the vast majority of depressions.

There are always ways to overcome those dark, hopeless feelings

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