Vision Without Glasses

Easy, relaxing eye excercises taking only a couple minutes each day can help to get sharper, clearer, more focused eye sight.
Creasing the forehead, raising the eyebrows, scrunching the nose, squinting, and other movements of the face can put strain on the muscles that control the eyes.
Facial massages can relax the muscles around the eyes and reduce eye strain, including massaging the forehead, temples, and the area beside the eye, being careful not to massage or rub the eye or eyelids directly.
Exercising your eye when you are not straining the muscles in everyday activities can actuallay strehgthen the muscles in and behind your eye, which will allow your eyes to move more quickly, more in unison, as well as focusing quicker.

Sleep is here another factor for better vision.
People who do not get enough to sleep at night can experience reduced and blurred vision, focus problems and tired eyes.
Your body heals muscles during sleep cycles, which may not start until you have been asleep for at least four hours, so it is important to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep each night in order to heal muscles and that includes the muscles of the eye.

Vision Without Glasses
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